Monday, July 27, 2015

Flaming Geyser State Park (Auburn)

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23700 S.E. Flaming Geyser Road
Auburn, WA 98092

Flaming Geyser State Park is a 480-acre day-use park with more than three miles of freshwater shoreline on the Green River. The park's most unique feature is its geysers, methane seeps. The Green River is popular for rafting and other summer activities. There is an area for remote-control model-airplane flying.
Geyser Non-functional: The historic Flaming Geyser is no longer lit due to the depletion of its methane source. You can, however, use a lighter and just maybe it will light up for you briefly. 
**Discover Pass Required**

There is a remote-control, model-airplane flying area in the park.
Open lawns are available for softball and other lawn games.
October through December the Salmon Interpretive Trail and the walkway on the Flaming Geyser Bridge offer excellent opportunity to view wild salmon spawning areas.

Small playground, lots of picnic tables, trails, river access, and bathrooms.

Note from Sarah:
Don't let the name of this park confuse you. Go for the trails, the river, picnic tables, grass, etc and to enjoy nature. The flaming geyser itself isn't very cool (although you can use a lighter to add a small flame for a short time). Bubbling geyser also isn't very cool, but a fun little trail to explore. Last time we went, there were people floating down the river - so if you go on a hot day and you are up for the cold water, then that could be a fun (possibly dangerous) option. See yelp reviews. 

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